The #Milk4Kids campaign was very successful when it came to raising more milk and money than the previous year of 2014. There were a lot of things that worked for the campaign such as the hashtag #Milk4Kids. We realized that to be more effective with using the hashtag people need to post more original tweets. Another thing that worked very well was using students from different schools and collaborating with each other to run a successful campaign.

NodeXL was also a good tool to use in order to figure out where the conversation was happening and how we could improve the program. By using other hashtags that were involved with other popular companies would make a huge difference in improving the awareness for raising for #Milk4KIds. There were a ton of photos and pictures from the event that definitely made a bigger difference.

There are some improvements to make to the program that would make it more successful would be to have better planning.and more organizations. Make sure we would have to improve the social media presence by adventuring out into Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites. I also think something that would improve would be to get athletes in the community involved. It is a huge part of this community and Omaha is proud of there athletes.Also by having multiple events throughout the year to improve more people getting involved with the #MIlk4Kids campaign.

I believe this will be a great campaign and Nebraska will be one of the most donating states around the Midwest.



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