Social media is an art and a science.

Recently, I discovered that social media wasn’t just social media. There are so many other things that go into social media. You would never think there are tons of research methods about social media. The one method that really stuck out to me was the Mass Communication Research Method.

The Mass Communication Research method is a eight step process. You start by analyzing the problem and the purpose. You have to figure out what this issue is and how it’s important. The second step involves something called Literature Review.85

It then goes into talking about step three and four which are research questions and methodology and research design.You always must ask more questions in order to understand exactly what you’re talking about.

Next, there is step five which involves actually collecting all of the data you have gathered. After, you move on to step six which is analyze and interpret the information you collected. Next, you present the information which is step seven and then on to follow up questions. This method is the perfect way to understand he research you’re doing.

One thing that really stuck out during our discussion in class last Thursday was the fact that all data has error. All has error some just has less error than other data. It really shows that you’ll probably never get the perfect anwser but you’ll get pretty close.

Social media research is such a hard thing to figure out especially when social media is changing every single day. It makes it really hard to track things in this social media era. Eventually, there will something else that comes out that’s even harder to analyze.

I am definitely learning a lot in class about how much time and effort it takes to understand social media and the research it takes to fully understand how social media works.I look forward leaning more about researching and understanding social media im this class.

If you want to find out more information about social media research check out these slides: