Little girl, big world †

Have you ever seen college basketball players as beautiful as these two? Yeah me neither. It was quite the day, let me tell you. Well for starters it was B-E-A-UTIFUL. First time seeing a number start with 5 on the weather app since……yeah its been that long. Anwyas, our day consisted of: Me giving my ‘slightly under-the-weather’ Remy a complete makeover {clothes and all} , almost getting hit by a train, coloring in remy’s legging hole with sharpy (clearly didn’t work), finding an animal skull, Ness attempting to dance, laughing…a lot, almost getting kidnapped, and Remy Jo’s sass was through the roof. {WHAT IS NEW} The pictures that we ended up with were absolutely breathtaking. The thing I love most about these pictures is that it captures them perfectly. Ness with her soft, sweet, yet spunky spirt. RemJo’s…..sass. {and her joyful spirited personality ;)} Ness could be on America’s Next top…

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