Chris Machian

Chris Machian was an interesting guest speaker mainly because I’ve always wanted to take up photography. His photos all caught my attention by how he explained them but even if they had no words his photos capture it all. That is not an easy thing to do. Photography has always been an interesting subject for me because I love taking pictures of others.


Machian started taking photos a while back and was a part of the Gateway newspaper at UNO. This seems to be the start of everyone’s career that has majored in Journalism or any other field related to it. He works for the Omaha World-Herald and other different places.

The basic goal of photographers at any level is to tell a story. There are many different angles to talk about when taking photos such as: the tight/detail shot, the medium shot, and the wide shot.
I love when he showed us the pictures from the tornado that happened in Nebraska a couple of weeks ago. He really captured every moment that he could. He mentioned that most people did not want their photo to be taken which I understandable. I find this the hard thing about being a photographer. They all have a different purpose when it comes to taking pictures.

Just watching how passionate he was about all the photos he has took made me think, maybe the photography side of journalism is what interests me the most. He really motivated me to actually get out there and start taking more photos.

He was a great guest speaker to have in class and I really enjoyed him coming into class to speak with us. But that’s how I feel about all the UNO alumni that came out of college with a career. They bring nothing but inspiration and motivation to figure out what you want to do.


Community Cupboard

Just along Pacific Street is the Community Cupboard which is located in Countryside Community Church. This is technically a mobile pantry because there isn’t currently an onsite spot.

The food pantry started in October 2010, the food is delivered by Together Inc. free of charge and the USDA provides the food. Countryside help starts Together in 1975. According to their website, “They provide education, guidance, and services such as food, clothing, living essentials and financial assistance to prevent people from becoming homeless.”

This food pantry is open once a month on the first Saturday of each month from 10:00-11:30 am. The gymnasium in the church is transformed into a free grocery store where families can pick up the groceries they need.

They serve plenty of snacks, live music, and movies while people are at the pantry on this Saturday.
About 250 families are served every once a month. The USDA usually provides other states with a budget of 200 million except Nebraska is only being offered about 6 million. This actually caused a shortage in the summer.

“We’ve got a lot of food and we have been growing since 2009,” said Susan Ogborn, President of the Food for the Heartland organization.
You can either pick up a pre-packed box or go shopping within the store.

There are different limits on foods were certain items just like all food pantries. This isn’t just an ordinary food pantry. They partner with Together Inc. which offers multiple services.
– Provide short term financial assistance for Rent, Utilities and Deposits to individuals and families to avoid or end homelessness.
– Issue vouchers for you to get a state issued ID’s and Certified Birth Certificates needed for getting a job, housing, bank account, school and Department of Health and Human Service benefits.
– Free bus passes to use when you get a new job and have no transportation until your first paycheck.
– Kitchen Essentials such a toasters, plates and silverware. (shop their twice a week)
– Provide basic free furniture so people can pay for other things such as bills and rent.
– They offer a program called SSVF, which provides more services for Veterans that are need and to keep them from being homeless.

In order to receive any of these services you must provide photo ID, Social Security card for all people in your house and a current piece of mail dated within 30 days.

They have a rapid rehousing program which they host drives furniture, kitchen essentials, move-in kit, and hygiene kit.

Volunteers are always welcome at the Community Cupboard. Volunteers should arrive at 9 am and are needed until 11:30 am.
– Volunteers are suppose check in and out people and make sure they took the right amount of items.
– Volunteers have to unpack and set up tables.
– Set up snacks and coffee in Memorial Hall.
– They have some people come in and play live music.
– People and volunteers to talk with people about SNAP food money assistance, or how to apply for an eye exam/glasses voucher.
– Make some pre-packed boxes of food for folks who choose this option.
– Help carry groceries out to the parking lot
To find out more information about volunteering for Mary Beth, call 402-391-0350.

“I love working here at the food pantry with different families, I feel like I’m really making a difference,” Mary Beth, Volunteering Coordinator.

This food pantry is one of the most popular in Omaha especially when partnering with Together Inc., because not only does it provide food but other services such furniture, kitchen essentials, and etc. They are located on 8787 Pacific St. Omaha, Ne.

You can also check out more information on the either one of these websites: and