Nightlife to Momlife?


Josie Loza, a former University of Nebraska at Omaha grad and editor of came and spoke to our class last week to tell us her story of how she became the editor for Momaha. She never knew what she really wanted to do; all she knew is that she wanted to work in the journalist or medical field.

Her editor from the Gateway, newspaper on campus, had introduced her to the editor for the Omaha World-Herald. She gladly accepted the internship or job that they had given her. She had to run errands, get coffee, and anything else you could think of. One day she decided that she wanted to actually do something. They gave her the job of writing obituaries for her first assignment. She enjoyed writing obituaries but she wanted to do something else.

Loza was finally done with her internship and decided to look other places for different internships in different fields but the Omaha World-Herald wanted to keep her around so they gave her a full-time job writing obituaries for a while.

One day, they asked her if she wanted to write a column about all the nightlife that was going on, since she was already partying and going out every weekend. Her job was to write about the nightlife she loved so much.

She then had her first child and then her second child and realized that the nightlife was no longer for her so they gave her the job of running Momaha a website that mothers could come read about things mothers usually talk about and other things like that. She didn’t just want her website to be just about mom stuff, so she threw in other things such as people with the kids that do extraordinary things.

I really enjoyed her coming and talking to us because it tells me that even though you don’t know what you want to do now eventually it will come to you.


Barnabas Community More Than Just a Food Pantry

I wanted to focus more on local pantries in the Greater Omaha areas but ended up stumbling upon a local food pantry in Lincoln, Ne. When visiting Lincoln, NE, I stayed with a friend that asked if I would like to do some community service. This food pantry is located on 931 Saunders St., right behind the University of Lincoln on 11th and Cornhusker. The Barnabas project began November of 2008 with help from People’s City Mission, Sheridan Lutheran Church, and Spirit of Hope Lutheran Church. The main purpose of this food pantry is to work on the working poor of Lincoln.

According to the Barnabas Website, “The Barnabas Community is a Christian outreach program that offers free clothing, books, toys, some household goods — and hope and hospitality — to our guests. We do not charge for the store’s merchandise or activities in the community center, but first-time shoppers must complete minimal paperwork to be eligible to shop.” The Barnabas community opened in the Belmont shopping center as a joint project of the churches combined involved in the Project.

“At first we were at the shopping center across the street but we realized that it was too cramped of a space to have people going in out and trying to get everything organized,” said Cheryl Stubbendieck, Barnabas Exec. Director.
That’s when they started there move to Saunders Avenue in 2012 where there is about 2400 ft. of more space available making things easier to get things done compared to the 1400 ft. they were dealing with in the beginning.

The Food Net is part of the Barnabas community but actually is owned and ran by someone else. The Food Net is a group of volunteers from many different churches and other non-profit organizations, trying to stop the waste of food and provide for those in need. They provide bread, fruits, vegetables, drinks, desserts, and even some miscellaneous items.

“Most of the food we receive doesn’t sell in stores, so not all of the food may be good but we give them what we can.” Debra, Leader of Food Net.

The Barnabas Community is not also a place to come get clothes but they offer other items such as toys, books, household items, and many other things.
They are allowed to grab 15 items per family, including:
– Maximum of 10 books for family, but can sometimes be more since they have tons of books.
– Maximum of 5 toys per family, including one large/major item.
– Maximum of 5 household items per family, including one large item such as a lam, small appliance, or bedding set.
– Maximum of 1 coat per family.
– Limits for special or seasonal items are posted as needed. For example, football season is in so they have a lot of husker stuff available.
You are not allowed to take too many similar items, so they may have to put so back. But the most important values of the Barnabas Community is sharing and considering the needs of other.

Volunteering is actually a huge part of the Barnabas Community. People from the churches help volunteer their time to help customers go through the lines and get everybody checked in. They make sure people don’t come back and get more stuff because some people will come and take more than they should.

“We had multiple people try and come back to get more stuff when they shouldn’t. So we have to keep tabs on who comes in during the week. We don’t have much stuff so we have to make sure everybody gets something,” said Stubbendieck.

They are currently looking for volunteers to come and help out on the days their open to check in & check out people, sort through clothes, and just make the Barnabas Community run smoothly. They currently only have 2-3 volunteers that show up maybe once a month.

Most of the people that volunteer at the Food Net are people that have low incomes and need help too. At the end of the day, they get to take what’s ever left. Sometimes if they have too many leftovers they send it to another food pantry.

The Barnabas store is open most Saturdays from 9am to 3pm (closed for holidays), and on the first and third Tuesdays and the second and fourth Thursdays from 6 to 8pm. They serve pastries and coffee in the community center and host occasional musical performances and activities.

If you want to find out more information about this organization go to: or

From Loup City, Ne to Omaha NE, Tara Spencer

Tara Spencer is a 36-year-old from Loup City, Nebraska. She is a currently a student at the University of Nebraska Omaha. She is currently a junior majoring in Editorial Journalism because she is interested in the writing aspects of Journalism, but not so much Public Relations and Advertising.

Spencer came to UNO because she was already living here but realized that the community college she attended was just not for her. Spencer currently works at Jackson Street Tavern as a server located in downtown Omaha. After school, she does not know exactly what she wants to do but she knows she just wants to be writing and making a living off of it. She just wants to write no matter what she does after school.

San Diego is the place she would live if she could pick anywhere to live in the world. Spencer chose San Diego because she loves the beach and the beautiful weather in California. Her Favorite food is Pepperoni Pizza and wouldn’t have it any other way. Her favorite Restaurant is Nicola’s which is an Italian food restaurant located on 13th and Jackson street in downtown Omaha.

Her favorite color is blue and she has a dog name Jesus. If she could meet anyone it would be Kathleen Hanna who was is an American singer, punk zine writer, and a feminist activist who she admires very much. Spencer wishes she could be just like her because she was so passionate when it came to being a feminist activist and musician at the same time.

She could not figure out what her most embarrassing story was because she said there were so many embarrassing stories. Spencer decided to tell us about her most embarrassing story about where she works. Her most embarrassing story was about when reading specials to customers at work and she always seems to stumble over the words sometimes after repeating it to multiple customers.

Spencer doesn’t know exactly what to after school but she knows that writing is her passion and its what she wants to do.

Interview Questions
1. Where are you from?
2. How old are you?
3. Major?
4. Future Career Goals?
5. Favorite food? Color? Restaurant? Place to eat?
6. Any pets?
7. Most embarrassing story?
8. If you could live anywhere where would you live?
9. If you could meet anyone you wanted, who would it be? why?

Experiencing Twitter to the Fullest

I have actually been on twitter for a while now. Twitter is the most popular social media thing out there. I don’t understand how somebody couldn’t be on twitter, they would hear everything so late and be so behind. At first twitter was dumb to me because It was just so you knew where people were, like they would pinpoint their location. I didn’t feel that was a good reason to actually be on twitter and it would just be a waste of time.

Mainly, I don’t really care about where celebrities are and what they are doing. After that I never got back on twitter and pretty much deleted my account. I only started a new one because everybody was talking about what they were reading on twitter. Of course, I followed the trend and created another twitter account. I didn’t think twitter would be so popular in so little time. Then, it became more of communicating with my friends back home and in Omaha. Until I found out just how much more twitter is.

Usually, when I don’t check twitter, it seems like I’m missing out on some information or anything else really. I enjoy hearing and reading about other things people have to say. I like that everyone can express themselves. Twitter is something that keeps me updated on current events. I can go to twitter and find out exactly what happened when it just happened 5 minutes ago. It keeps me up to date on who died or who won certain games. I most likely will keep my twitter because I have had it for at least three years now.

I post a lot of articles that i find interesting or even just funny videos. I honestly love twitter and will probably be on it until dies out just like any other social media site. The link to my twitter is

Sam Petto

On September 8th, 2014, we had a guest speaker named Sam Petto. He came to discuss his journey of how he got where he is today and what he does now.

Petto graduated UNO in 2011 with a bachelors in broadcast journalism. He worked for the gateway by finding local stories and other various broadcasting jobs. Petto worked for KVNE where he would be doing some of the various things such as technical directing, running graphics, floor directing, setting lighting, or studio camera operation.

He started his career by gaining an opportunity to work with PBS on reporting local stories around Omaha. He then started can internship at WOWT Ten then got moved up and starting producing the midday show.

He was then offered a job which was the day break job which required him to work overnight. He currently works as a producer and works from 10pm to 10 am.

He comes into work and builds skeletons. Petto designates what time and attention goes to what.

Petto started showing us a video of where he works and how the studio is set up. Then started talking about how he actually gathers information and stories.

There are about two full-time sports writers, three people per newscasts (7 days a week), and weekends are usually only two people. Nobody is ever at the cameras most of the time.

He usually listens to police scanners and then will call dispatchers to check on what exact intersections if not clear. Petto said the best way to find news is by News-gathering. He also stated that asking questions is a huge part of news gathering.

Petto looks at what a lot of other channels are reporting and tries to stay up to date with them by looking at websites too

The most important quote was when he said “No matter how prepared you get, you will never be ready.”

Get to Know My Blog

Hello everyone, my name is Taijhe Kelly and my blog is to inform you of the food pantries around Greater Omaha, where you can volunteer, and how you make a difference in the community. Many people do not know about the opportunities around that can benefit others in different ways.