Welcome to Local Pantries in Greater Omaha

While Exploring community services opportunities, I found multiple resources around Omaha that help people in need of some help. During the summer, I looked up a couple of pantries around Omaha because I didn’t have enough money to exactly buy food at the time. I found out that a lot of pantries are around the area an are willing to offer food and other items to families that need it.



2 thoughts on “Home

  1. First of all I love your layout, it fits your story beats perfectly! I think this is such a great topic and can be easily relatable for any college student. Maybe you could feature the Maverick Food Pantry. It has a new location in the CEC, room 121! I feel that students aren’t aware that we have a food pantry right here on campus, and this is a great opportunity to showcase that.


  2. Doing a blog about something you can relate to so well is an awesome idea. I too wasn’t aware that there was a food pantry right here on campus, but that is something you can share with the class to spread awareness on local food pantry’s. I hope you have an awesome basketball season coming up, and I can’t wait to learn more about our local food pantry’s.


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