Taking a Look into the UNO Maverick Food Pantry

Just about a year ago the UNO Food Pantry was opened on campus. It is the place on campus where students can go and get food somewhere close. The food pantry allows students get food at least twice a week if they have enough food to do so. The pantry provides items such as cereal, pasta, canned goods, etc. They have a helpful system that helps the food pantry run smoothly by having people order bags online. You get on MavSync and you click exactly what you want in your bag of food. They even offer a vegetarian bag for the people who don’t eat certain things. The pantry is open just about all year for your needs. The food pantry at UNO is always looking for volunteers to help collect food and pack bags.

If you would like to find out more information about the UNO Food Pantry just go to https://orgsync.com/72543/chapter .



Getting a better insight on the Liberty Christian Center


Taijhe: Cheryl gave me a brief history about how the pantry go started.

Cheryl: It started on Grover and 44th St. at a church at um, It was called Grover Lutheran Church, it was our multi-site. We had a congregation there just to get another um, another church started in that area. and then the district asked us to start a church over there. One lady that was going over there decided that she wanted to start a food pantry. and so it started over there and they probably had 30 families about what we had, and  it just kept growing, and grew to 60. and then we were in a very little closet room at this other church in the basement and they finally moved it out to the bigger area of the basement from that point on our numbers grew and we hit 130.

Taijhe: She also gave me a brief description about how they found a new place to hold the food pantry.

Cheryl: Right when we thought the whole thing was going to going to go under um the pastor here is the pastor  at our church at Beautiful Savior. and then let us have this room for storing the food. So that’s been wonderful.

Taijhe: I asked where they get the food to supply the food pantry.

Cheryl: All the food we get comes from the food bank or its donated from our congregation. Um, this month in November were doing a food drive.  Last Sunday, we handed a bag to every family in church. and we asked them to fill it and bring it back. We usually have good success with that. That’s another we get food.

Taijhe: From the UNO School of Communication, I’m Taijhe Kelly.

The Liberty Christian Center

Saturday morning, I went to the Liberty Christian Center to visit the Food Pantry. The food pantry started a while ago it was located at Beautiful Savior Church but then eventually they needed more space for food. The pastor at the church preached at the Liberty Christian Center and decided to give them the basement to store the food and run the pantry. That’s when they started at the Northwest location. When you walk in there is check-in table you must go through first and then you sit and wait until they call you to go get your food from downstairs. While you wait the serve you donuts and coffee until your food is ready. The whole process is very organized. They give out at least 130 boxes of food every Saturday. The food pantry is locates on 5616 L St. and is open every 2nd and 3rd Saturday from 10am-12pm.