Chris Machian

Chris Machian was an interesting guest speaker mainly because I’ve always wanted to take up photography. His photos all caught my attention by how he explained them but even if they had no words his photos capture it all. That is not an easy thing to do. Photography has always been an interesting subject for me because I love taking pictures of others.


Machian started taking photos a while back and was a part of the Gateway newspaper at UNO. This seems to be the start of everyone’s career that has majored in Journalism or any other field related to it. He works for the Omaha World-Herald and other different places.

The basic goal of photographers at any level is to tell a story. There are many different angles to talk about when taking photos such as: the tight/detail shot, the medium shot, and the wide shot.
I love when he showed us the pictures from the tornado that happened in Nebraska a couple of weeks ago. He really captured every moment that he could. He mentioned that most people did not want their photo to be taken which I understandable. I find this the hard thing about being a photographer. They all have a different purpose when it comes to taking pictures.

Just watching how passionate he was about all the photos he has took made me think, maybe the photography side of journalism is what interests me the most. He really motivated me to actually get out there and start taking more photos.

He was a great guest speaker to have in class and I really enjoyed him coming into class to speak with us. But that’s how I feel about all the UNO alumni that came out of college with a career. They bring nothing but inspiration and motivation to figure out what you want to do.


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