Nightlife to Momlife?


Josie Loza, a former University of Nebraska at Omaha grad and editor of came and spoke to our class last week to tell us her story of how she became the editor for Momaha. She never knew what she really wanted to do; all she knew is that she wanted to work in the journalist or medical field.

Her editor from the Gateway, newspaper on campus, had introduced her to the editor for the Omaha World-Herald. She gladly accepted the internship or job that they had given her. She had to run errands, get coffee, and anything else you could think of. One day she decided that she wanted to actually do something. They gave her the job of writing obituaries for her first assignment. She enjoyed writing obituaries but she wanted to do something else.

Loza was finally done with her internship and decided to look other places for different internships in different fields but the Omaha World-Herald wanted to keep her around so they gave her a full-time job writing obituaries for a while.

One day, they asked her if she wanted to write a column about all the nightlife that was going on, since she was already partying and going out every weekend. Her job was to write about the nightlife she loved so much.

She then had her first child and then her second child and realized that the nightlife was no longer for her so they gave her the job of running Momaha a website that mothers could come read about things mothers usually talk about and other things like that. She didn’t just want her website to be just about mom stuff, so she threw in other things such as people with the kids that do extraordinary things.

I really enjoyed her coming and talking to us because it tells me that even though you don’t know what you want to do now eventually it will come to you.


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