Experiencing Twitter to the Fullest

I have actually been on twitter for a while now. Twitter is the most popular social media thing out there. I don’t understand how somebody couldn’t be on twitter, they would hear everything so late and be so behind. At first twitter was dumb to me because It was just so you knew where people were, like they would pinpoint their location. I didn’t feel that was a good reason to actually be on twitter and it would just be a waste of time.

Mainly, I don’t really care about where celebrities are and what they are doing. After that I never got back on twitter and pretty much deleted my account. I only started a new one because everybody was talking about what they were reading on twitter. Of course, I followed the trend and created another twitter account. I didn’t think twitter would be so popular in so little time. Then, it became more of communicating with my friends back home and in Omaha. Until I found out just how much more twitter is.

Usually, when I don’t check twitter, it seems like I’m missing out on some information or anything else really. I enjoy hearing and reading about other things people have to say. I like that everyone can express themselves. Twitter is something that keeps me updated on current events. I can go to twitter and find out exactly what happened when it just happened 5 minutes ago. It keeps me up to date on who died or who won certain games. I most likely will keep my twitter because I have had it for at least three years now.

I post a lot of articles that i find interesting or even just funny videos. I honestly love twitter and will probably be on it until dies out just like any other social media site. The link to my twitter is twitter.com/taijheekaay.


One thought on “Experiencing Twitter to the Fullest

  1. I agree with you that twitter has definitely grown a lot over time. In my blog, I said that I thought facebook had more real interactions, but as far as getting information or updates fast, twitter is the place to go. I don’t always trust it as the most reliable source because I think people are fast to talk on twitter without always having all the information, but as a general source before looking into the story more, I do like twitter. I also think twitter is good for just checking and seeing how your friends are doing and what they have been up to.


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