Sam Petto

On September 8th, 2014, we had a guest speaker named Sam Petto. He came to discuss his journey of how he got where he is today and what he does now.

Petto graduated UNO in 2011 with a bachelors in broadcast journalism. He worked for the gateway by finding local stories and other various broadcasting jobs. Petto worked for KVNE where he would be doing some of the various things such as technical directing, running graphics, floor directing, setting lighting, or studio camera operation.

He started his career by gaining an opportunity to work with PBS on reporting local stories around Omaha. He then started can internship at WOWT Ten then got moved up and starting producing the midday show.

He was then offered a job which was the day break job which required him to work overnight. He currently works as a producer and works from 10pm to 10 am.

He comes into work and builds skeletons. Petto designates what time and attention goes to what.

Petto started showing us a video of where he works and how the studio is set up. Then started talking about how he actually gathers information and stories.

There are about two full-time sports writers, three people per newscasts (7 days a week), and weekends are usually only two people. Nobody is ever at the cameras most of the time.

He usually listens to police scanners and then will call dispatchers to check on what exact intersections if not clear. Petto said the best way to find news is by News-gathering. He also stated that asking questions is a huge part of news gathering.

Petto looks at what a lot of other channels are reporting and tries to stay up to date with them by looking at websites too

The most important quote was when he said “No matter how prepared you get, you will never be ready.”


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